My Approach

To say more:

“My approach to any of my engagements is to determine your need, and then inspire and empower people to move forward. For organizations seeking empowerment, I utilize the Seven Lessons for Leaders in Systems Change from the Center for Ecoliteracy, the four levels of awareness by Jean Houston, and Meg Wheatley’s three qualities of a healthy organization. I work with “emergent design” rather than a strategic plan, bringing forward the clear intention, determining the first actions, then seeing what’s needed next.

I have had extensive experience in community organizing and international experience in nonviolent direct action. I have engaged the insights of the new sciences in societal relationships for over 25 years, with much gratitude to Fritjof Capra. I thoroughly enjoy group work, especially through social artistry.

Most of my retreats focus on the Deep Wisdom within. Concerning yoga, I teach an interior journey within the postures (asanas) through deep relaxation–stretching but not straining. The Kundalini system is all about knowing oneself, watching one’s body and energy, and providing tools for each individual’s journey of enlightenment.

I have been privileged to know intimately a First People’s Sacred Journey which offers hope for our own. Finally, I have had formal training in Christian and Yogic spirituality, and extensive study in Buddhism.