Welcome to Deep Song!

Each of us is born with our own unique Deep Song, or as Sandra Turner, professor of early childhood education, says–our Canto Hondo. We are asked during this lifetime to do nothing more than sing our Canto Hondo–to simply be our Deep Song. Yet from birth we are encouraged to be anything but our own unique selves. Further, many of us have experienced trauma that for survival reasons has had to be locked away, along with our Deep Song.

For individuals, the path of creativity and healing comes with the liberation of our Canto Hondo buried within the trauma or beneath other of society’s patterning. Organizations–whether businesses, non-profits, or government agencies–also need to liberate their Deep Songs. The future depends on it.

I enjoy accompanying people on their paths, whether individually or collectively, as an experienced facilitator, consultant, teacher, community organizer, social artist, speaker and officiant in the practical, imaginative, and spiritual realms. I assist organizations or group gatherings seeking empowerment for their community or organization. References are available upon request. I look forward to working with you.

Rhea Y. Miller